S​/​T EP

by Seventh Circle

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Sekator Decent blackened hardcore/crust. Favorite track: Sin (Curse of Life).
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V666 A sinister-aggressive-raw-supersonic journey into the darkest of the souls. A great mix of grind/crust/hard core and death/thrash/black metal...? You should listen to this while planning your death - or while spending time with the family. Favorite track: Blind Slaves.
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released January 5, 2014

Recorded at The Art Factory Roeselare.
Production, mixing and mastering by Marvin Dinneweth.
Music and lyrics by Seventh Circle.
Guestvocals on Sin by Dennis Dufoor.
Artwork & layout by Andy X Vuylsteke ( Avengart )



all rights reserved


Seventh Circle Belgium

Thomas : Vocals
Kenny : Guitar
Jeroen : Guitar
Ward : Bass
Marvin : Drum

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Track Name: Sin (Curse of Life)
Bathe in sin
Die in pain
Bathe in sin
Die in pain

These sins is commit
help me cope with this curse
take them away and all thats left
is disgust.
Track Name: Blind Slaves
Doomed to enslavement.
Victims of our time.
We all serve no purpose.
We all live a lie.

Condemned since birth.
To follow not to lead.
You're actions don't matter.
Cause they control your deeds.

Take a look at the world outside.
we're all puppets. We're all fucking blind.
Track Name: Never Enough
Cash wealth. never enough
highest rank. never enough
feed on the poor. they don't give a fuck
fuck you i've had enough
murdering masses. never enough
blood on their hands. they don't give a fuck.

murder and oppression make the world go around
we wake up every day to shit we don't understand.
Track Name: Haunted
possessed by religion
betrayed by my hands
alone in the world
never ascent
fuck you
you'll never succeed
the death of christ
is all that i need.

fallen down
beaten and bruised
everyone knows you were born to lose
rot on you cross
for all eternity
you'll never return
as long as i'm free

I will keep haunting your soul.
Track Name: Black Sun
cursed to roam this world all alone
don't save me from the burning sun

i. the one to preach death upon them all
embrace shadows. embrace darkness. embrace.
you all will fall.

bathe us in fucking flames.
bathe us in fucking flames.
bathe us in fucking flames.
Track Name: Exile
Exiled. banned from his land.
Brought to you knees. doomed to descend
Cursed. imprisoned in ice.
Punishing sinners. feeding dark minds

Seek Vengeance
Seek vengeance.
Track Name: Extinct
I can't be, the only one who sees
we fucked up, with no excuse
the world is better of without
the scum that made it what its now.

Humanity makes me sick. to my fucking guts

If this is evolution, i would just stop right here
pull the plug on this madness
and forget what we have seen.

Extinction Fucking awaits.