Not Worth Saving

by Seventh Circle

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Stijn Van Hees
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Stijn Van Hees 4 tracks of dark metallized hardcore that powerfully echoes the Holy Terror sound. Favorite track: Deathtrap.
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V666 Hateful aggression given a musical form following structures of dark, evil, and twisted tunes. Simply brilliant. Seventh Circle are definitely Satan's birthday party band. Not for the faint-hearted! Favorite track: Deathtrap.
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Released on tape through Kick Out The Jams Records.
CD and 7" coming up in a couple of months

Contact to get you hands on a limited tape release of this EP + download code.


released January 17, 2015

Recorded at Madmind

Mixing done by Marvin Dinneweth

Mastering done by Marvin Dinneweth
Artwork done by Zac Pomphrey



all rights reserved


Seventh Circle Belgium

Thomas : Vocals
Kenny : Guitar
Jeroen : Guitar
Ward : Bass
Marvin : Drum

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Track Name: Serpent's Tongue
Your words,
They make me sick.

The illusion of friendship
Pretend all you want,
But i’ve seen the knife
Yet i let it pierce my back
Consumed by your ego
fuck you you’re not worth saving
Not worth saving
Track Name: Deathtrap
wake up crying, torn from the womb.
life runs through us like an hourglass.
all our life we walk the tunnel towards the light.
we’ve watched our coffins being made.
Track Name: Better Off Alone
Begging for approval of others.
No time to think for yourself.
Sheep to the wolfs. Loyal to your pack.
To mask your fucking stupidity.
Isolate me. Forsake me. Leave me.
Dead inside i will suffer this life alone.

I am better of alone
Isolate me.
I am better of alone
Forsake me.
Track Name: Among The Spineless
Born to serve. Crawl before them.
The spineless herd.
Preach whatever you want.
Lead us into death
Children of god. Follow the bastard.
Lead us into death.

Mindless. Tongueless. Spineless.

You’re a plague.
Filth of the earth.
You’re a plague.
The spineless herd.